Biochar, purity aprox. 99 % Carbon


Use: Plant growth regulator, ammendment, soil activator, and incubator 

The Organic Carbon powder called also “BioCHAR” is produced from carbonized wood using the pyrolysis process at 500 – 800 0C. BioCHAR sometimes called also “natural carbon”  or “biological carbon” because of its release of fertile energy for soil.

It can take up to 1000 years to produce 1 sqm of soil. However, in countries where the water is scarce and extremely valuable, we introduce Biochar – the innovative product, once when activated in the soil, it has multiple functions.



Brochure e Scheda prodotto BioCHAR

“BioCHAR” finds its application in the agriculture for its multiple organic  – technical features, making it extremely useful. The product acts as a amendment for soils poor of carbon, as well as intermediate when absorbing trace elements and then transferring them for plants and therefore is a potent regulator of plant growth.

“BioCHAR” immediately absorbs trace elements and other chemical components avoiding to lose them during the soil irrigation process. “Biochar” significantly increases the efficiency of the soil and reduces the need for traditional chemical fertilizers, while greatly improves the yield of crops.
Ideal for greenhouses as “BioCHAR” is one of the main components of  “Terra preta”.

“BioCHAR” remains embedded in the soil for hundreds of years, providing uniform and constant release of all substances necessary for plant growth.

Application of BioChar

Functions of BioCHAR:

Plant growth regulator

Plant growth incubator and activator

Agrochemical intermediate

Soil fertilizer, amendment

Component of “Terra preta”

High content of Carbon

Preserve soil fertility and moisture

Repairs poor and damaged soils

Increase aeration of the soil

Increases crop yields

Water retention

Functions of BioChar

Benefits of BioCHAR:

Efficient fertilizer consumption
Ecologically and environmentally friendly
Save water and human resources
No additives

Raises the sugar content of many crops and of some fruits, improving the quality, taste and appearance and extending the shelf life


Benefits of BioChar


Biochar is recommended as the main fertilizer for all organic agriculture and horticulture, including vegetables, fruit and flowers etc., especially for berries, such as blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, currents etc., sugar cane, grapes, kiwi fruit etc.,

The application methods include mecanical application, furrow application, in-hole application and spreading application, ideally covering the fertilizer with soil, compost or mulch after application. Application rates vary from 1,500-2,500 kg per hectare, depending on soil type and chemical compound, crop type, fertilization and irrigation methods, climate etc.

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Research and studies:

National Research program in Latvia 2012-2013


TRIADE year 2017


Case study in Monte Sant’Angelo, Italy

BioChar and Sapro AGRO/ Sapro ELIXIR application on fruit trees.


This is the result after one month.
Five fruit trees planted in 19 th of May 2017. Lemon (Citrus limon), Apricot (Albicocco Rubista), Peach Walnut (Precocissima), Plum (Goccia d’oro), Plum (Regina Claudia Gialla).
Treatment with Sapro Agro (peat and Sapropel mixture 50% / 50 %) – two bags for each tree (2x 10 l).
In 4th July 2017 treated with BioChar. Biochar applicated to resist dry wether conditions.
Wether conditions – hot in day – 35-40 °C, at night – 25-28 °C.
Soil conditions- poor soil, salty, sandy.
Irigation – daily irrigation.
Treatment: BioChar, Sapro ELIXIR, 12.12.17


Evidences in 3 weeks

Lemon (Citrus limon). Very good evidences noticed already after 3 weeks.



Apricot (Albicocco Rubista)

Peach Walnut (Precocissima)